My Awesome Weekend!

My weekend was awesome and this is what I did: On Saturday, I had a soccer game. Unfortunately,  we lost, but it was still fun. After that, we went garage saling. I got a popsicle maker for $2.00, and two big balls of yarn for 50 cents a piece. Next, I went to my friends house. Then, my mom and I went to a birthday party for a 6 year old girl. My friend Bianca and I played in the bounce house with a lot of other girls and boys, played bingo and won some money, and ate a lot of food.

On Sunday, I worked on my Indian project. Next, I made cookies and cream yogurt popsicles. After that, I played on my Blackberry, and worked on my project. Then, my mom and I made chocolate popsicles. Then, I just lounged around and did random stuff.




Bye for now,


My Weekend!

My weekend was pretty awesome and this is what I did: On Saturday, my mom, her friends, and I went apple picking. We picked apples, went on a hay ride, played on the playground, and got apple cider slushies. Next, we went to Eduardo’s. We ate rice, shush kabobs, and more. Then, we went to Wyliepalooza to get ice cream and I got Zoreo ice cream. Last, we went to an oriental store.

Today( Sunday), I worked on my Indian diorama. I had already made the wigwam( Miami Indian house), and today I worked on the trees. My dad and I went to the health food store, and to the park to take a walk and pick out sticks, leaves, grass, and rocks for my Indian project. Next, we watched the Colts game( Yay Colts!). Then, I froze some strawberries and bananas so that we can make ice cream tonight using our awesome Ninja Blender! So that was my weekend so far!



Your friend,

Nicole Mitchell

P.S. Maybe I’ll post how good the ice cream is!

What I Did This Weekend

On Friday I slept over at my friend May-Kyla’s house. We had lots of fun! On Sunday, my mom and I moved all my furniture around in my bedroom. Then I went to Walmart and got pink zebra print duct tape, and a 12 pack of felt. Last, I made a zebra print wallet and ate cookies.So that was my weekend!

The Website Is Finally Here!!

Hello to all my friends and welcome to my website! Please look at at my great gifts and order.I will be posting messages as much as I can when I have time. Bye for now.