Personalized Anniversary Gifts-Ideas For Anniversaries


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It is traditional to present gifts to people on their anniversary, especially on those hallmark anniversaries such as the twenty-fifth anniversary (known as the silver anniversary) and the fiftieth anniversary (known as the golden anniversary). While couples are often showered with parties and gifts on their silver and golden anniversaries, any anniversary–the third, the seventeenth, or the thirty-sixth–is the perfect anniversary…More at Personalized Anniversary Gift Ideas: Celebrating a Wedding Milestone


personalized anniversary gifts

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Personalized Gifts For Him- Finding The Right Gift For The Guy You Love



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Christmas is fast approaching. Looking for some great employee Christmas gift ideas? You have come to the right place.

This is the time to appreciate the hard work that everyone on your team has put in. Instead of giving away cold hard cash, a more thoughtful way of gifting will be to purchase thoughtful and personalized gifts…More at The Essential List of Employee Christmas Gift Ideas for 2013


I've bought and gifted them in the past for kid gifts. And this year, I'm putting together the best teacher holiday gift with them (I'll be posting that soon). Since I was orderingI More at Procrastination Station: Personalized Pencils


I’m sure, if you are like me, there is always that one special person for whom you wish to give a gift for one occasion or another, but you don’t exactly know what to give.  If it is a man, you don’t want to get anything to personal, unless, of course, it is your spouse or significant other.  Buying a present f…More at Etching Expressions Review – A Perfect Personalized Gift Idea For Him


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Cheap Personalized Gifts – Your Loved Ones Will Cherish


Here's a cool idea for creating cheap personalized gifts:
I love creating personalized gifts for those dearest to me.  With the use of fonts and great supplies, you can create a personalized gift that is truly special….More at First, find a font you love.  FontFace, DaFont and 1001 Free Fonts have a wide array of options.
Using a design program, or even Microsoft Word, create a text box the size of the note card you want to create.  I suggest you refer to Paper Source for pairing envelope and card sizes.  Enter your text.
Print onto your favorite paper.  Shown above is kraft card stock or my favorite, luxe heavy weight text from Paper Source.  
Using a paper cutter, cut just inside the lines from the text box you created and pair with your favorite color envelopes.
As shown above, I tucked each note card into it’s envelope, wrapped them with ribbon and nestled them in heavy boxes {also available at Paper Source}.  I hope they enjoy using them as much as I enjoyed creating them!…More at Gift Ideas – Coordinately Yours, by Julie Blanner
Check out these neat images of cool gifts I found.
Custom photo christmas invitations

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Father's day greeting cards

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Today at school, we had art class. We started a new project where we put touching circles on a piece of paper with glue. It’s not done yet, though. Next we had intervention, where a group reads a book and talks about it. Then we had lunch and recess, and at recess I played on my recorder. After recess, we had a fire chemistry thing where fire fighters came in and talked to us about how to not have a fire and stuff like that. Then at 2:45, I went outside to play a game with a lot of other kids because we were picked in a drawing for good behavior. Next, I went to choir, where on December 9th, we have to do a play called the Nutcracker. I’m playing Marie, so I have to memorize A  LOT of lines. Then I went home!

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