My Weekend + Friday!

On Friday, my mom, dad, and I went to take a walk for half an hour. After that, we went to Captain D’s. My dad got 2 giant fish sandwiches, and my mom and I got fish and chips, plus 2 hush puppies.
On Saturday, we went to PetSmart to get some cat food and a treat bag. Next, we went to Morrisville to get some cat litter( AKA Purina Start and Grow Chicken Feed(loads cheaper)). Then, my mom went to the mall.
On Sunday, we went to see my uncle in Middletown. While we were driving home, we went to Taco Bell. I got nachos, and my mom and dad got tacos and burritos. Then, we went home.

Bye for now,

This Week!

This week we had ISTEP. ISTEP is a test on lots of different subjects, like math, language arts, reading, and social studies. Today 5th grade did social studies. Social studies was probably the hardest, because we only got 25 minutes on it. Plus, we had to do lots of inferring. Math was the easiest, because we only did like 7 problems, but they took up a lot of time. I absolutely HATED one of the writing prompts! We had to write about a key and a box that this girl named Lisa finds. It made me get a blister for writing so long!
The next ISTEP test that we have is in May. I’m glad!


My Weekend!

This is what I did this weekend:
On Saturday, my mom and I went to the pet store to get some cat food. Next, we went to Hibachi Grill(buffet). I got lo mein noodles, macaroni and cheese, a mozzarella stick, and some ice cream! Then, we went to Toys R Us to get my reward for winning my school spelling bee. I got the new Monster High Scaremester Jinafire Long! She is the daughter of the Chinese Dragon.
On Sunday(today), I watched YouTube videos, and ate loads of Doritos. I also froze yogurt and ate it like ice cream. Then, I made a doll sized cat tree(for Littlest Pet Shop). And that’s about it!

Bye for now…..

My Sunday!

Today was a very basic(sort of) day. All I did was watch TV, make an amazing chocolate milkshake, and my dad and I made bread out of our bread machine. It turned out very crumby and burnt! It was in little chunks that were hard and orange(YUCK)! Worst bread ever!!!!!

Right now we are watching the Super Bowl! So far it’s 22-0 Seahawks. We’re very sad because the Broncos are losing! But don’t worry…… we know they’ll win! =D

So that was my Sunday so far!

Your friend,