Modern Monday(News)

Today I went to art class. My class got started on our plaster animal masks. We had to draw what our masks would look like. The animal that I picked was a cheetah. It is a really hard animal to draw!
After Art class, we had intervention. All we did was study our prime numbers, and reduce fractions. Then, we talked about what we did over spring break, and then wrote about it. Next, we either read books or made flowers until lunch time.
After lunch time, we had recess, and then talked about our lines for our Boston Tea Party.
That was my typical Monday of the week!
Bye for now,
( P.S. Sorry it’s short… got to hurry!)

Sunday Stuff!

Today, we took my cat on a walk to the park. He just laid on the concrete most of the time, though! My parents and I had to lure him to the playground to play. Shadow came, finally, and started walking in the mulch. Soon after, he walked back and forth on the wood. After about an hour and a half, we went home.
When we got home, I watched YouTube and played on the computer the rest of the time.
That was my not-so-busy Sunday!

The Beginning of Spring Break!

This week I am off of school for spring break. Spring break started on Friday(March 28), and it ends this Friday(April 4). Right now I am going to tell you what I’ve been doing so far.
On Friday, my mom, dad,and I took my cat, Shadow, to the park right across from my school. That was the first time he’s ever been on a leash outside. We stayed for about half an hour, then went back home.
On Saturday, my mom and I went to Steak n Shake. I ordered mini steakburgers with cheese fries and a regular cookies ‘n’ cream milkshake, and my mom ordered a steakburger with fries and a Heath bar milkshake. Next, we went to Bed Bath and Beyond to look at some bed spreads.
On Sunday, my mom, dad, and I took Shadow to the park again. But this time, we stayed for an hour because it was so nice outside. After that, we had spaghetti with meat for lunch/dinner. Then, we did pretty much nothing.
That was my spring break so far!

Bye for now,

Wednesday’s News!

I’m going to tell you what I did today. So I got off the bus(8:35), and I went to breakfast to tutor 1st graders. Next, I went to class after the bell rang(8:50). Our class then went to library(Specials Class)(8:55). Then after library(9:40), we got to clean our desks until lunch time(11:45). After lunch we had outside recess(12:25). Then, my friends and I got to make flowers the whole afternoon(3:00). Next, we went home!
That was my day!

Bye for now,