Ice Cream +Sunday= YAY!

Today,my mom, dad, Shadow, and I went to the park for a picnic and a walk. There were TONS of people at the park, and Shadow got scared and tried to hide behind a sign!
Next, we went home. We used the laptops, and watched TV. After that, my mom and I went to get ice cream at Mrs. Curls(yay). My mom got a hot fudge brownie sundae, and I got a flavor burst(banana ripple and cheesecake-random flavors, right?) ice cream cone. Then, we went home and about 10 minutes later, the whole family(excluding Shadow) went to check out a car. After, that we went home and listened to music!
Bye for now,

Sunday……the Great and Powerful!!

Today, my dad got a hair cut at Great Clips. After that, my mom, dad, Shadow, and I went to check out a car in Indianapolis. Shadow was crying in the car! Next, we went to the park to walk Shadow. He chased bugs, watched cars, and walked on the trail. Soon after, we took him home and went to Stir Crazy. Unfortunatley, it was closed, so we decided to go to Kabuto. We had an awful experience there. Our food took 30 minutes just to cook, and on the rice, there was too much sauce. When we got home,  we sat on the computer, watched TV, ate, played with Shadow, and take pics of him!

Bye for NOW,


Easter Weekend

On Saturday, my mom and I did nothing but stay at home and clean the house. I swept, vacuumed, and mopped the floor, while my mom cooked and did the dishes.
On Sunday, I woke up at 7:30, waiting for my dad to come home at 8:30. I couldn’t come out of my room until he got home. When my dad came, I hunted for all the eggs, and looked in my Easter basket. I got $12.50, and TONS of Reese’s and Kit-Kats!! It was AWESOME!!!! After that, we ate lunch and took my cat on a walk. After THAT, we saw the ice cream truck and got some ice cream!
That was my Easter Weekend!
Bye for now,
Nicole =D

Special Friday & Weekend

On Friday, my classroom had a tea party. We read lines for the tea program, and ate scones, biscuits, tea sandwiches, and more for 2 hours STRAIGHT! Oh, and don’t forget the tea!
On Saturday, my mom and I went to an Egg Hunt in Craig Park. There were 3 different age groups, and 3 different areas. On the announcers go, everyone went in there area to grab eggs. It wasn’t exactly a hunt, because there were eggs in plain sight! After the hunt, my mom, her friend, her kids, and I went to Thai Spice. We ordered our food, and then went home.
Later that night, we went to a party to see Manny Pacquiau and Timothy Bradley fight. There was tons of food, and the fight was awesome!
On Sunday(today), my mom, dad and I went to Pet Smart to get my cat a new collar. Then, we went to Walmart to get me a hot glue gun, some glue sticks, and an EOS lipbalm(sweet mint). Next, we went to Long John Silver’s. My mom got 2 fish, my dad got 2 sandwiches, and I got fish strips. Apparently, I got the wrong glue sticks, so we had to return them! After that, we went home and I made bows to sell for charity.

Bye for now,