Old McDonald Went to a Fair….NOT

This weekend I’m going to the fair!!! My family and I go to the fair every year as one of our summer trips.  Things I am looking forward to doing at the fair are: 1. The rides 2. The food and drinks 3. The games 4. The animals. Things I’m NOT  looking forward to at the fair are: 1.                          . NOTHING!!!!!!  I absolutely <3 going to the fair. I mean who doesn’t <3 going to the fair?!?!?!  Last year I went on a water ride that got me completely SoAkEd!!! And I played a 25 cent game that got me so frustrated(by the way, I never won ONCE), but let’s not talk about the BAD things here, right? TTYT!!!


6th Grade’s Coming…..

On August 5, I’m going back to school!!!! I’m scared and nervous at the same time, questions running through my head, “What will I do??”, “What if I get lost???”, “Will I SURVIVE THE FIRST DAY?!?!!?!?!??!?!?”. And the only answer running through my head is…….”IDK”. I’ve already got my backpack, and I’m going to get schedule and supplies list Wednesday, soooo no turning back now!!!! On the first day I’ll probably be like, “Hey, you know where my math class is?”, and the other person’s like, “You know you’ve got a schedule in your hand, right?!?!”. I’ll make a fool out of myself. But whatever.

Wish me luck,

Nicole <3

Sleepover and a Parade(weekly blog)

This weekend so far has been AWESOME!!! On Saturday, my mom and I went to the mall to get some clothes for me for the parade. If you haven’t already guessed, I’m going to be in the PARADE! I chose a light shirt with orange, purple, and green stripes. When we got home, I took a shower and got dressed. At 1:30, my mom, dad, and I met up with my principal, because she got me in the parade. Then, we drove off. The parade wasn’t until 4:00 but we had to get there at 3:00. When we got there, we set up the sign and at 4, I threw candy at kids while I rode during the parade. After that, we went home.

Today, my mom and I went to church. Then, we went to Joe’s Crab Shack with my mom’s friend and her kids. I got a Captain’s Catch, which included french fries, fish, and mozzarella sticks. For dessert, I got ice cream. Now, I am about to go to a sleepover!!!




Tye-Dye and Scary Movies(my weekly blog)!

Today, I went to my mom”s daycare. My best friend, Gabi, just got home from Alabama yesterday, so today’s her first day back. When I saw her, I was SOO happy! After that, Gabi, Makenzie(another friend), and I went into our room. We made tye-dye shirts, and then we colored tiles with Sharpies. Gabi and I made tiles with best friend quotes on them, and gave them to each other. Then, we went outside. Outside, it was HOT!!! And for an hour and a half, I was toast. Burnt toast. While we were outside, we thought about making a scary movie!! We would plan it all out when we got inside. When we came inside, we ate lunch! We all had ravioli, pears, and peas. Eh, I hate peas.Next, we had to do silent reading til our teacher came back. Then, we planned the movie. We created tryouts, and Gabi was the director/makeup person/hair girl/whatever she calls herself. The available parts were: the girl, the girl’s sister, the girl’s friend, the haunted girl, the psychiatrist, and extras. Once everyone tried out, we found out what part we played, and I am…………the haunted girl!!!!!! YAY!!!!!! We made up some of the play, and discussed our costumes. Then, we had corn chips and juice. After that, we went outside AGAIN!!!!!!! After about an hour and a half, we went inside to watch a movie. When Gabi left, we asked her mom if she could go to Kings Island with me!!! Then, I played with Makenzie til I left!

Talk to ya later,