Zachary Beaver Project!!!!!!!!!

In Reading, we have to make projects based on a book called “When Zachary Beaver Came to Town” by Kimberly Willis Holt. We have to pick a theme(mine is friendship),and make a Powerpoint, posterboard project, diorama, mobile, board game, or an idea that we choose. They’re due Thursday, and some kids haven’t even started yet. Mine looks awesome. The board is green, and there are different paragraphs for the plot and stuff. the paragraphs have a border around all of them, and I am putting white around the whole thing. I <3 it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




State Hair?!?!?!?

Today, I went to the State Fair! We got there at 11:00 am, and the first thing we did was buy salt water taffy in chocolate, banana, strawberry, and vanilla. Next, we looked at a bunch of cool cars! Some of them we saw were: Ford Mustangs, Alien UFOs, a Yugo, and Jeeps. My dad is really interested in buying the Yugo, so you might see an ’88 Yugo with Grumpy on the seats, and at the same time…… see my dad in it. After that, I rode some rides. I rode the Yoyo, the Cliffhanger, the White Water, and the Tomb of Doom( I had to cover my eyes!). While we(my mom, dad, and I) were walking, there was a guy at one of the games with a string and a dollar on the ground. My dad fell for it, picked it up, and when it started moving, he tried to grab it some more!!! It was SO hilarious!! Then, we went to eat. My dad got a whitefish dinner; which included 2 pieces of fish, fries, and cole slaw, my mom got a whitefish sandwich, and I got chicken tenders and fries. Soon after, we looked at the horses and the pigs. Then, we got chocolate covered strawberries, and ICE CREAM!!!!!! Oh, and on Saturday, my mom trimmed my hair. Now, it’s a little over shoulder length. I <3 it!!!!!!


Nicole 😀

School Clubs!

This week a lot of school clubs are now being available to everyone and I’m most likely doing Show Choir and the 4 Paws Club! So excited for them(sorry this is really short)! I’m so bored right now so bye.



Addicted to Go Carts?!?!

Today, I went to Rascal’s Fun Zone. When we got there, I got a 1 hour wristband and 4 tokens. I played a Claw Game and Doodle Jump. I failed at the claw game and got 16 tickets from Doodle Jump. Then, I rode on the Go Carts 5 times in a row. Every time I was thinking, ” I’ve got to beat these fools.” I majorly crashed only once, but I crashed a few times and got away!!!!! MUAHAHAHA!! After that we went home. I went on the computer, watched a movie, and right now I’m watching American Ninja Warrior. Back to watching my show!!



Nicole <3