Apples to Apples!!!

Yesterday, the whole family went to our  Wing Chun class. There we punched, did forms, and knocked people down. After that, we rode home into a bubble of boredom. I don’t even REMEMBER what I did yesterday; this is all I could think of.

Today, my mom and I went to the Anderson Orchard. My mom’s friends were there, too. We picked apples for about 3 hours. Well, we stayed in the apple picking area for 3 hours. We climbed trees, took TONS of pictures, and of course, picked apples. I saw bouncy houses there, so after we paid for our apples, some of us went to the bouncy house. But lucky me, they were broken. There was a GIANT trampoline, and while being strapped to a harness, you jump up into the SKY(not really). That was broken, too. I got so mad, but we all got to eat food other than apples. I got an apple cobbler with ice cream and an elephant ear. It was the first time I’ve ever eating one of those, and it was SO GOOD!!! I guess it’s kind of like a funnel cake, IDK. Then after we ate, we drove home.


-Nicole 😀

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