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My Awesome Weekend!

My weekend was awesome and this is what I did: On Saturday, I had a soccer game. Unfortunately, ¬†we lost, but it was still fun. After that, we went garage saling. I got a popsicle maker for $2.00, and two big balls of yarn for 50 cents a piece. Next, I went to my friends […]


My Weekend!

My weekend was pretty awesome and this is what I did: On Saturday, my mom, her friends, and I went apple picking. We picked apples, went on a hay ride, played on the playground, and got apple cider slushies. Next, we went to Eduardo’s. We ate rice, shush kabobs, and more. Then, we went to […]


What I Did This Weekend

On Friday I slept over at my friend May-Kyla’s house. We had lots of fun! On Sunday, my mom and I moved all my furniture around in my bedroom. Then I went to Walmart and got pink zebra print duct tape, and a 12 pack of felt. Last, I made a zebra print wallet and […]